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About the Clinic


Rocky Mountain Mobile Veterinary Clinic started servicing clients in 1998 after Dr. Dugger saw a need to provide an alternative choice to clients that sometimes found difficulties in visiting a traditional clinic.


Animals have an uncanny ability to know when a trip in the car doesn't always mean a trip to some place fun. This can often lead to a battle of wills which causes undue stress for both the pet and the owner. For other pet owners, especially those whom are house-bound or have geriatric pets unable to travel, a trip to a clinic may be impossible. These are the clients for whom Dr. Dugger built this practice and is proudly one of the early practitioners of a mobile vet service.

Dr. Dugger's goal is to provide superior healthcare services with the utmost convenience to you and your pet. The clinic is designed to offer many of the same services you would receive from a traditional clinic but from the comfort of your own home or business. Dr. Dugger works with clients to ensure an environment that is comfortable and well-suited to the needs of both the animal and the owner. 


Dr. Dugger also provides referrals to other hospitals in the Denver Metro area for radiographs, ultrasound, MRI, dentistry, and to veterinary specialists in cases that are best served by their specialized skills.

Meet Dr. Dugger

Dr. Linda Dugger is a 1992 graduate of the Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine, and a lifelong Colorado resident growing up just north of Denver.


Prior to starting RMMV over 20 years ago, Dr. Dugger worked for two years in a six-doctor practice in Grand Junction, followed by five years as the hospital director of a three-doctor practice in the Denver area.


While Dr. Dugger loves taking care of pets, especially older dogs and cats, she also enjoys sailing, mountain biking, skiing, and hiking with her two older furry friends.

Dr. Dugger on a ski slope