In-Home Euthanasia Services

Saying Goodbye - Surrounded by Family, with Peace and Dignity        

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Saying a final "goodbye" to a beloved pet is never easy and often the most difficult decision an owner will make. For some, the decision can be overwhelming leading to intense grief and guilt. Although it is difficult, planning euthanasia for your pet is one of the most responsible, and ultimately, the kindest gesture you can do on behalf of your animal - especially when quality of life is greatly diminished.


In-Home Euthanasia Services


Most pets don't enjoy a trip to the vet even when they're feeling their very best. A car trip, a hectic clinic and unfamiliar people, sounds and smells can cause undue stress during an already difficult time. In home euthanasia eliminates the burden and stress instead allowing your pet to remain in a comfortable, familiar atmosphere surrounded by loving family and friends.


When and where you say your goodbyes is decided by you and your pet - whatever you feel is best needed to help you make the procedure as calm and tranquil as possible. We suggest a loving, calm atmosphere, snuggling with a familiar blanket or toy, while surrounded by family, friends, and other pets.

The Procedure

When the time comes, Dr. Dugger will come to your home, discuss final arrangements, and before administering the injections, walk you through the procedure so you fully understand what will happen.


When you are ready, an initial injection of a sedative will be administered to calm and soothe your pet. Once you are ready, Dr. Dugger will administer the final injection – a mixture of barbiturate solution injected intravenously. The pet will quickly lose consciousness as body functions being to slow down and eventually stop.

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Final Arrangements


Burial of a pet in the State of Colorado is not allowed if it has been euthanized unless done at a pet cemetery. The medications used in the euthanasia procedure can be toxic to wild animals should the body be exhumed, while there is concern of contamination of the ground water and soil. Therefore, we do provide the service to transport your pet for cremation, though you may also transport your pet yourself. Cremation may be communal or private depending on your needs. If you wish, Dr. Dugger will return your pet's ashes to you once your pet has been cremated. A complimentary clay paw is made at the time of the euthanasia, and we can also provide a hair clipping if you wish.


Other options, such as burial or internment, are also available with a few select pet cemeteries offering the service throughout the state.