Dental Health

Tabby cat eating from a lid on a porch

Dentistry and Dental Health


Does your pet's breath smell? If you're like many pet owner's the answer is a very resounding "yes"!


Regular dental checkups, along with good dental hygiene, are an important part of maintaining your pet's good health. Periodontal disease, starting with plaque and tartar, is the number one diagnosed medical problem in small animal medicine. Surprisingly, even young animals can show some form of the disease.

It's Not Just Brushing Teeth...

Just as important as good dental hygiene is ensuring your pet's teeth are in good working order. Do you have a dog that enjoys chewing bones, hard toys, tennis balls, or even rocks? Or how about a cat that's managed to get a snagged, broken tooth? Broken, eroded teeth are another common issue that can cause chronic discomfort and infection for your pet. Many pet owners confuse their pet slowing down or getting older with their pet feeling poorly due to chronic dental disease and subsequent pain.

Dachshund getting its teeth cleaned

Good Dental Health is Critical 


As part of your pet's general examination, Dr. Dugger will complete a full and thorough dental exam. This is done by reviewing the pet's teeth, mouth, and tongue, looking specifically for issues such as broken teeth, gum erosion or inflammation, tartar build-up, and open sores. The extent of this exam, of course, requires your pet's cooperation meaning not all exams are as thorough as Dr. Dugger would like.


If additional treatment, such as cleaning or extractions, is needed, Dr. Dugger will review options that best meet the pet's needs and diagnosis. Dr. Dugger can also go over home general dental care for your pet helping to lessen the possibility of developing a painful dental illness. Remember - healthy teeth = happy pet! Please download the handout below for more information on addressing your pet's dental needs at home.